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His Career spans 40 + years as a Real Estate Professional. At first the focus was residential sales with occasional forays into agricultural land and ranch properties. Later on as employing Broker in a small office of dedicated Realtors
dealing with income properties and Real Estate solutions to income and investment strategies.

A small mortgage company was next. Introducing low or 0 down FHA/VA loans to a Northern California Area at a time when Banks and Savings and Loans were the only option and 80% loan to value was a maximum loan.

During this time he was also president of a local Real Estate Exchange group whose aim was to guide investors through the newly permitted IRS 1031 tax deferred exchange of investment properties .


Real Estate as an investment has a couple of major advantages over other forms of wealth building. First,of course is depreciation tax shelter, but the really comforting thing is its ability to smooth over small errors in judgment over time.

Investment in the stock market can be very rewarding and very demanding of your time energy and capital. Market fluctuations, miscalculations of timing, world events, can all affect your investment, sometimes catastrophically.

Real Estate, on the other hand, has a way of appreciating in value just with passage of time. A $100,000 rental, for instance, can become a $300,000 asset in 5 years all the while giving you a huge tax shelter.

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