Family Seafood Recipes

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A favorite traditional seafood snack evident at every Zaun family gathering at George and May Zauns Home. At Burchett Street in Glendale Ca. and later in Temple City.
I asked my Grandmother (Bertie May) sometime in the 70's while she was still with us for the recipe and she said "Gosh Phil it's been so long I can't remember. I'll try to dig it up for you."
Well, I guess we both forgot, because after she was gone I still didn't have it. Oyster Balls conjure up for me the memories of many a wonderful family get together.
Fortunately the Recipe saved by Nancy Zaun
Here it is in "Great Zaun's" own words.

1 - large box of soda crackers - crumbled fine.
(save out enough to roll balls in for frying)
1 - pint EASTERN oysters (fresh canned or bulk) Western ones have a fishy taste)
Cut oysters into cracker crumbs as you would shortening into flour.
Add broth from cooked giblets, or grease from cooked turkey. If turkey grease is used, then also add a little water too. Moisten with broth or grease enough to hold together well. Shape into oblong balls and dip into beaten egg, and roll in cracker crumbs. Fry in hot Crisco or shortening until brown all over.