Information taken from history book as researched by Kathy Langford.
There are several different coats of arms in the Perrin Family History Book.   The one posted on the left orginally came from the Channel Islands, off the coast of Great Britain. It depicts a red sheild, surmounted by a conical armoured headpiece. Across the face of the shield, three silver greyounds are shown stretched out horizontally in full chase. Leaves form a floral border, and the name 'Perrin' is embossed at the base. This coat of arms was for Peter Perrin, Isle of Jersey, England. It seems the family has roots in both Britian and France. According the history book the surmane of the family was 'Perrin' when living in Central Europe, before the family moved to France. Consequently, the Perrin surname is European and cannot be considered as belonging to France.